Prenatal Massage

At MassageAway, we understand that pregnancy is a time of transformation, often accompanied by physical discomforts that can benefit from the specialized touch of prenatal massage. Our expert therapists are well-versed in the anatomical, physiological, and psychological changes that accompany pregnancy, providing relief and support through each trimester and beyond​​.

Our prenatal massages offer a host of benefits, including alleviation of back and leg pain, reduction of labor-related discomfort, easing of postoperative pain, and diminishment of anxiety and stress. Expectant mothers can look forward to improved moods, lifted spirits, and relief from insomnia, creating a more joyful and comfortable pregnancy journey​​.

Backed by research, MassageAway’s prenatal massage services are proven to reduce anxiety, enhance mood, promote better sleep, and decrease back pain. Studies have highlighted the integrative role of massage in managing pregnancy-related nausea and depression, with findings suggesting that our massage therapy can lead to shorter labor times and reduced reliance on pain medication. Moreover, the positive impact extends to newborn care, with infants showing better outcomes when their mothers participate in our massage programs​​.

Our commitment at MassageAway is to nurture both mother and child with gentle, safe, and effective massage treatments. We invite you to experience the touch of wellness that supports you from the first trimester to the joy of motherhood.

Clients must be beyond 12 weeks with doctor approval.

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